Laurel Simonson

Laurel has 12 years of education, including Elementary, Junior High, and High School. Awards she has won include “Best Hustle” in community soccer, “Silver Honour Roll” in Grade 8, and “Raffle Draw” at a prestigious museum. Her recent credits include [roles] at [school/theatre company]. Working part time at the campus bookstore, she makes a commission of 150% per book sold!


Calgary, AB, Canada


3rd Year Bachelor of Fine Arts Student, 14 years of music training including piano and choir.

Favourite Artist

Leonardo da Vinci; he was excellent in “The Revenant”.


Playing mediocre piano, getting pummeled in field hockey, and having exciting hair colours

Interesting trivia

Laurel overcame “Sanguivoriphobia” when she was around eight years old. “Sanguivoriphobia” is the fear of vampires.


  • Actor for world premiere of The Last Pioneer: Betrayal