"Zenkora: The Seven Eras" 

September 22, 2017
University Theatre, University of Calgary
8:00 PM

Concert Program

Conducted by Carlos Foggin
Zenkora Orchestra - Calgary

Journey with us through ten-thousand years of history in an evening of live music, dance, and drama. The 2017 entry of the Zenkora Concert Series is called “The Seven Eras”, and will be a sweeping survey of the diverse time periods into which the Zenkora universe is divided. Special focus will be given to seven unique stories taken from each of the Eras.

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I. Dance of the three empires

from the First Era: “War of Titans”
Choreography by Yukichi Hattori
Music by Claude Lapalme

Witness a bold and vivid dance choreography depicting the political drama between three ancient civilizations.

II. General Mi and the Pastry Chef

from the Second Era: “The Dooms Seven”
storyline lead design by Tong Wang

Music by Guang Yang
Voice by Queeny Wong
Guzheng by Shirley Wong 

The heroic and mystical legacy of two twins is recounted in an exotic Beijing-opera inspired composition featuring electronics and the traditional Chinese instrument, Guzheng.

2017-09-09 - twinsfinal (Connie Kim-Sheng).jpg

III. Everendgame

from the Third Era: “Everendgame”

Animation by Tucker Williams 
Art by Katerina Griffiths-Jones and Esther Chu
Music by Wesley Chu
“Light the Way”

An episode of the popular in-universe video series “A Brief History” will be presented, complete with hilarious commentary by the irreverent hosts, detailing the so-called legend of “Everendgame”.

IV. The Feather Saga

from the Fourth Era: “The Hand of Dawn”
storyline lead design by Leah Dominy

Script by Leah Dominy
Voices by Mitchell Kirby and Laurel Simonson
Music by Wesley Chu

“Playing With Fire”

Be regaled by the first meeting of future legendary adventurer Lionel Everest and his mystical companion Angelia the Phoenix, in a dramatic narration set to live orchestra music.

V. The Flower Club

from the Fifth Era: “Supers Rising”
storyline lead design by Tong Wang

Art by Alyssa Bangalisan and Tong Wang
Choreography and Dance by Ashley Tse and Chelsea Cavanagh

Music by Wesley Chu
“The Flower Club Fantasy”

Join five quirky magic school girls on their charming and lighthearted adventure to discover the power of love and friendship. Meet each unique and lovable personality through five characters pieces set to dazzling solo dance routines.

VI. The Last Pioneer

from the Sixth Era: “Union of Worlds”
Script by Mackenzie McDonald
Directed by Anna Bishop

Music by Wesley Chu
“The Last Pioneer”
“A Reason Unearthly”

Watch the thrilling drama of intrigue and betrayal of an eccentric space crew as they prepare the launch of their new trans-dimensional spaceship, "The Pioneer”.

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VII. Death’s Kaleidoscope 

from the Seventh Era: “The End of Times”

storyline lead design by Tucker Williams
Videogame by Shin-Zhao Development Team
Music by Wesley Chu
“Spectrum of Glory”

Preview footage of “The Fall of Calamity” will be shown, an independently-produced video-game that serves as prequel to the larger story, followed by a grand musical finale inspired by the game’s soundtrack.

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