our team


Wesley chu

Creator and Artistic Director

Wesley is an internationally renowned performer and composer. Wesley’s goal in creating Zenkora is to explore every idiom of fantasy through the arts.

Based in Los Angeles, Wesley trained in Boston, Shanghai and Calgary, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Arts Leadership and Music at the University of Southern California.

tong wang

Executive Producer, Canada

Tong is a classically-trained Canadian pianist with aspirations to perform and teach in a variety of styles and settings, actively engage in the arts community, and lead new and creative initiatives.

Tong has performed across the globe and has created several award-winning chamber music ensembles. She is currently based in Montreal pursuing a Master of Music degree.

Alexander Zhu

Executive Producer and

General Manager, USA

Alexander has performed many genres of music in venues across the globe. He is striving to revolutionize the artistic creation and consumption process, so that everyone can find their own way to engage with the arts.

Alexander is based in Los Angeles and holds a Doctorate in Arts Leadership and Music from the University of Southern California.

Emilie Choi |   admin

Emilie Choi | admin

Annie Kwok |   admin, musician

Annie Kwok | admin, musician

Melanie Liu |   admin

Melanie Liu | admin

Tucker Williams |   admin

Tucker Williams | admin



Will Anderson |   actor

Will Anderson | actor

Michelle Bangalisan |   artist, dancer

Michelle Bangalisan | artist, dancer

Brianna Bietz |   writer, consultant

Brianna Bietz | writer, consultant

Anna S.L Bishop |   director

Anna S.L Bishop | director

Chelsea Cavanagh |   dancer

Chelsea Cavanagh | dancer

Esther Chu   |   artist

Esther Chu | artist

Julia Cohen |   actor

Julia Cohen | actor

Jordan Cooper |   dancer

Jordan Cooper | dancer

Skylar Desjardins |   designer

Skylar Desjardins | designer

Candice Ding |   playwright

Candice Ding | playwright

Leah Dominy |   writer, musician

Leah Dominy | writer, musician

Valerie Dubinsky |   dancer

Valerie Dubinsky | dancer

Carlos Foggin |   conductor

Carlos Foggin | conductor

Katerina Griffiths-Jones |   artist

Katerina Griffiths-Jones | artist

Yukichi Hattori |   choreographer

Yukichi Hattori | choreographer

Alissa van Herk |   dancer

Alissa van Herk | dancer

Taylor Hicks |   makeup, stage manager

Taylor Hicks | makeup, stage manager

Kevin Hsu |   artist

Kevin Hsu | artist

Christopher Huang |   photographer

Christopher Huang | photographer

Patrick Keppel |   consultant

Patrick Keppel | consultant

Connie Kim-Sheng |   artist, musician

Connie Kim-Sheng | artist, musician

M'Kayla Kongnetiman |   dancer

M'Kayla Kongnetiman | dancer

Claude Lapalme |   composer, editor

Claude Lapalme | composer, editor

Ruth Lepson |   poet

Ruth Lepson | poet

Kens Lui |   conductor

Kens Lui | conductor

Mackenzie McDonald |   playwright

Mackenzie McDonald | playwright

Murat Medzhidov |   dancer

Murat Medzhidov | dancer

Barry Owen |   actor

Barry Owen | actor

Greta Pelletier |   dancer

Greta Pelletier | dancer

Lise Rutherford |   dancer

Lise Rutherford | dancer

Laurel Simonson |   actor

Laurel Simonson | actor

Savannah Sittler |   dancer

Savannah Sittler | dancer

Rylan Strachan |   actor

Rylan Strachan | actor

Spencer Streichert |   actor

Spencer Streichert | actor

Elizabeth Szentmiklossy |   dancer

Elizabeth Szentmiklossy | dancer

Helayna Szentmiklossy |   dancer

Helayna Szentmiklossy | dancer

Jonas Tarm |   consultant

Jonas Tarm | consultant

Ashley Tse |   dancer

Ashley Tse | dancer

Aaron Walsh |   actor

Aaron Walsh | actor

Danelle White |   fight director

Danelle White | fight director

Shirley Wong |   musician

Shirley Wong | musician

Guang Yang |   composer

Guang Yang | composer

Tiedan Oskar Yao |   consultant

Tiedan Oskar Yao | consultant

Jingxuan Zhang |   musician

Jingxuan Zhang | musician


Zenkora philharmonic Orchestra

^ denotes concertmaster
* denotes section principal

Boston 2016 - A Brief History

New England Conservatory, Brown Hall, Saturday May 14th, 8:30pm

Kens Lui

Violin I
Zenas Hsu^
Brian Choi
Isabella Costanza
Hee-Soo Yoon
Abigail Hong

Violin II
Maggie Zheng*
Shengnan Li
Linnaea Brophy
Justin DeFilippis

Lena Ho*
Zehao Sun
Hsien-Hsiu Tsai
Ariel Chapman



Minjin Chung*
Iva Casián-Lakoš
Marza Wilks

Moises Carrasco*
Yizhen Wang

Minha Kim*
Yinzi Zhou

Nicole Caligiuri*
Mary O'Keefe

Nick Brown*
Barret Ham


Nik Hooks

Andrew Bass*
Alex Stening

Maria Currie*
Matt McConnell

Kyle Peck*
Robyn Smith

Nelson Woods

Jonathan Kim


Angelina Savoia

Siqian Li
Annie Kwok

Julian Loida

Rainice Lai
Bryce Leafman

Crew & Technology
Delong Wang
Guang Yang
Tucker Williams
Zihao Yang
Yuting Ma

Calgary 2017 - The Seven Eras

University of Calgary, University Theatre, Friday September 22nd, 8:00pm

Carlos Foggin

Violin I
Eileen Kosasih^
Misung Eom
Christine Chen
Megan Faulk

Violin II
Laryssa Warne*
Natanael Saski
Steven Klevsky
Tokie Brideaux

Osmond Chiu*
Ricardo DeMenezes
Dr. Rauri MacKenzie

Liz Tremblay*
Jacinta Atgreen
Tor Ellergodt


Ross Lemon*
Lukas Schmidt

Rachael Flatt*
Alysha Bulmer

Dr. Jon Forden*
Paula Midori-Niecklar

Krishan Power*
Stuart Brideaux
Andrew Morrow

Robyn Phillips*
Jace Stearn


Rosalee Morrison*
Heidi Barrett

Chris Morrison*
Dr. Karen Gustafson

Dylan Martin*
Dr. James Bicigo

Jean-Francois Cotnoir

Dr. Ralph Maier


Scott Ross-Molyneux

Jeanette Lin

Adam Mailman

Dannika Amft*
Dillan Schmitz
John Malahay

Crew & Technology
Graham Frampton
Colin Barden
Steven Isom

Personnel Manager
Ross Lemon