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Mission Statement

Our Creator & CEO speaks at the opening of the inaugural concert in Boston, on May 14, 2016.

Our Creator & CEO speaks at the opening of the inaugural concert in Boston, on May 14, 2016.


The collective dream of artists

In creating Zenkora, we aim to challenge the definitions of and preconceptions about art versus entertainment, engage broader audiences by bridging the gap between ‘serious’ and ‘popular’ art, and embrace unconventional methods of artistic presentation. Our project will provide the opportunity for the abundance of talented artists to share their passion with the community.

As classical musicians, we often speak of the increasing challenge to make our art accessible to a broader audience. However, we are still trapped in our world’s elitism, traditions, and expectations. To engage broader and more diverse audiences, we need to challenge our understanding of art from its core values and address preconceptions about fine art, or ‘serious art’. The Zenkora project redefines the artistic experience by encouraging collaboration between different art mediums and offering young emerging artists a supportive, inspiring, and open-minded environment to explore their ideas. We see a vast amount of passion and talent in the community that is deserving of a stage and audience. Zenkora is a resource, a conversation, and an initiative that embodies not only creativity and innovation, but also a practical and professional path for artists to make their work tangible. 

Our Vision

In our team’s vision of ten years into the future, Zenkora will have expanded into a global creative initiative with an abundance of works amassed under a common banner. Projects of all kinds will have made a prominent and indelible mark on the world, from novels to films, art pieces to musical compositions. The Zenkora Concert Series will continue promoting newly inducted works and celebrating past works.


Zenkora embraces a variety of challenges in the art world today. By presenting popular subject materials such as science-fiction and fantasy through fine art, we seek to bridge the gap between art and entertainment. The Zenkora concert series also addresses the disconnect between art and business. Many young artists overlook the importance of entrepreneurial skills and the ability to translate their ideas into marketable products. Zenkora targets the developers, producers, as well as sponsors of the entertainment franchise. Reaching into the entertainment market will allow us to develop Zenkora as a business and secure funding for future artists and projects. The mass amount of talent and passion within each community awaits discovery. Zenkora creates opportunities and offers resources to young emerging artists, and showcases the power of artistic experience when these artists are brought together to share the same stage. We see a need for more unconventional and open-ended concerts—a centralized hub where artists can freely explore, test, and share their unique ideas. 


Zenkora is an inclusive platform, aiming to support artists in classical and popular mediums alike to reach beyond their comfort zones and their traditional career paths as defined by their teachers, schools, and communities. We connect artists with their community and encourage new dialogues, collaborations, and projects. Zenkora serves the community by realizing the potential in our arts world today. As young artists, we believe in creating our own stage and opportunities, in taking action to realize our dreams. We aim to become the vehicle for future generations of artists to blossom and thrive. 


Our community 

The goal of the Zenkora Concert Series is to introduce the stories as well as the artistic initiative of Zenkora to artists and audiences around the world. Zenkora targets both the popular and classical art worlds by exposing them to unconventional experiences through subjects they love. Thus, Zenkora concerts will help these two worlds understand and relate to not only a new form of multimedia production, but also to one another’s communities. Whether the audience is a science-fiction lover, videogame fan, or dedicated classical symphony connoisseur, he-she can discover new perspectives on familiar passions.


The impacts of our project will be observed both short-term and long-term in our artists, our audiences, and our communities. Zenkora will stimulate more difficult conversations about the definition of art and its presentation, expand the limitations of the concert stage, and open the minds of artist and audiences alike to the artistic value of different entertainment genres. By putting popular materials into ‘serious art’, we are engaging a larger audience—allowing concerts to be inclusive rather than elitist. At the same time, we aim to share these fantasy stories while preserving a high level of artistry and unique individual expression.


Zenkora challenges audiences to participate in new experiences, and to reevaluate their definitions of themselves. Zenkora attracts the mass audience by capturing the relatable quality of abstract arts and performances. It also exposes the intellectual, classical audience to the creative potential and enriching experience of fantasy stories, characters, and settings. Combining and crossing art worlds is possible. We encourage classical artists themselves to improvise, to create original works, and to take risks by stepping outside of their professional guidelines. Zenkora is about experimentation, about blurring and pushing boundaries, about challenging artist to be entrepreneurs as well as entertainers. We are passionate about creativity and imagination. About exploration. We wish Zenkora’s stories, characters, music, artworks will bring a sense of passion and excitement to people’s lives.