Before Zenkora, there was only Chaos. Historians and scientists have long debated the true nature of Chaos. The only general consensus we have is somewhat philosophical - Chaos was an entity of pure potential, but lacking any kind of form or structure. However, we do know from mythical record that a being of incalculable power emerged from Chaos, which marks the beginning of defined time.

The first creature to emerge from Chaos was known as Iyezaresrever. With a tyrannical disposition, he fashioned Chaos into a universe that was still severely disorganized and unstable, made for the sole purpose of pleasing his cruel and narcissistic desire.

Before he caused too much damage to existence, a group some call the “Goddesses” followed him from out of Chaos, and they engaged in fierce battle. Eventually, Iyezaresrever was defeated, and both him and his awful creations sealed away. Then to resuscitate reality, the Goddesses used the remainder of Chaos to create the livable universe we know today. 

The Seven Eras

The history of Zenkora can be roughly divided into seven time periods, each approximately twice as short as the one preceding it. The complete timeline of Zenkora measures just under 10,000 years, both ends a mystery to most.

1st era: War of titans

We begin on the tumultuous battlefields of the ancient world, where unfolds our historical drama of three warring empires. These titanic civilizations blossomed on an infant earth, a wild land of gods and monsters. It was a time of unimaginable fury where the glory of mankind reached a summit never to be seen again. This is Zenkora’s First Era, the mythical “War of Titans”, when giants both literal and figurative roamed a world lost in time.

Of all the alien majesties beheld
Upon a world where once the giants dwelled,
Few match the fury of the frenzied quest
For sovereignty the ancient monsters wrest.
So, at this antique tale all now behold:
The War of Titans, finally, is told.
— The Song of Ayaveth, opening lines

2nd era: the dooms seven

With the eventual fall of the three empires came the Second Era. Marked by shadows and the haunting memory of catastrophes from the age before, it would eventually come to be known as “The Dooms Seven”. The remnants of humanity scrambled to regain their power, lost in the fog of the previous era, and once again all peoples of the world were plunged into tumultuous times of war and paranoia. In every nation, whispers of new legends slowly began to bloom...’s the first time I’ve been told that the world’s end is not one, but seven-fold. All we have left is hope.
— Alaron of Phaur, of the Legaciers

3rd era: everendgame

In the Third Era, a dastardly plan of dire proportions erupts in the Everworld, a group of seven alternate planes of reality, each of which governs a different facet of the universe. Travel between the regular world and the planes of the Everworld was once plentiful and rife with thrill and adventure. Now the Everworld looms in ancient obscurity, once again waiting for pioneers and pilgrims from all corners of the universe. Here enters Walker, who has the appearance and demeanor of a child, but destined with footsteps to terrify gods. He is tasked to bring an end to a devious plot to overwhelm the living world in perfect chaos.

No, I am not the Death of worlds. But I am yours.
— The Walker in the Waysides

4th era: the hand of dawn

After centuries of dire and desperate struggle, humanity has once against expanded to all corners of the globe. Industrialization has run rampant, with strange and fantastic concoctions brewing at the borders where new and crazed science meet old eldritch magics. With the Great War looming on the horizon, the heartbeat of the world is choked with anxiety, accompanied by the relentless beat of machinery.

“...comes the one who stirs the melting-pot.”
— Prophecy, concerning Mortimer Craft.

5th era: supers rising

We enter now into the modern years of the Fifth Era. Fresh from the calamitous Great War, the newly revived world charges headlong into prosperity and development, like a garden just moments after winter’s end. This is the age of daring superheroes, magnificent sorcerers, and brilliant scientists.

“Though we pass through fire, through air, land, and water, we are mighty as storms; the darkness shall not o’erthrow us, for we herald the coming dawn.”
— Dr. Kent Wunder, AKA Longavis, inscribed upon a golden plaque on the Solphas Monument.

6th era: union of worlds

The Sixth Era sees the expansion of humanity into space, and the challenges of diplomacy among humanity and their newfound extraterrestrial neighbors. Yet the threat of war is ever active, and before long, humanity is once again thrown into catastrophic combat unlike any in memory. 

“In ages past, our world was excitingly vast. As we conquered the farthest reaches of this world, we turned our gaze towards the stars. And now, as we prepare to set foot where there are no footholds, we realize the closeness of our home, and the overwhelmingly vast new adventure that awaits.”
— Excerpt from President F. Altes's speech, delivered one hour before "the Conviction" lunar spacecraft's maiden voyage.

7th era: The end of times

The Seventh and final Era is the darkest yet. In their final moments, humanity struggles as a last flickering candle in the empty bleakness of the cosmos. Even now, war ravages what little landscape is left, and yet the hope and strength of individuals seems ever immortal.

“Worlds will be moved for their hatred.”
— Prophecy, concerning the fates of the feuding houses Noid and Vull.