Welcome to zenkora

Zenkora is an entirely original fantasy creation, about a fictional universe and its countless stories. In development since the early millennium, Zenkora tells its stories through every artistic medium imaginable, ranging from visual art like paintings and comics, to performance art like orchestra concerts, dance, and theatre.

The creation and development of the Zenkora universe gives audiences and fans the ability to dive into a multifaceted and highly detailed new world, filled with every kind of story. Fantasy enthusiasts will find epic tales of mighty wizards, heroic warriors, and magnificent otherworldly creatures. Science-fiction fans will marvel at the tales of interdimensional travelers, alien masterminds, and the triumphs (and perils) of extraordinary technology. Lovers of romance will find no shortage of passion, which is felt as intensely in the Zenkora setting as anywhere else. And those that appreciate the horror genre will feel at home, as Zenkora contains not only the beautiful, but also the terrifying.

All artists are invited to join us. Zenkora's passion lies in the arts, through which its stories and ideas can come to life.

our journey together

Zenkora is a vast trove of countless stories, a collection of tales of every genre and medium, all in various stages of development. Some have a single author, while others have several. Many of these these stories are self-contained, while others embrace taking place within the larger framework of Zenkora's multi-faceted setting, one that spans several worlds and just under ten-thousand years' worth of uncharted history. 

That's where you come in. So much of our fantasy fabric is unmapped. We need writers. We need artists. We need musicians, dancers, movie and video game makers. Zenkora is alive in our heads and hearts, but nothing thrives in captivity. Help us set Zenkora free.

If nothing else, come have some fun.

the heart of zenkora

The young, and those who have retained their youth, possess the commonality that is a deep and abiding love for the sharing of stories. Zenkora, like all fantasies, began as a story of magic and wonder that grew in a child's mind, and now flourishes and blooms in the minds of a growing team.

The story of Zenkora is one of worlds within worlds. It is a universe filled with the tales of those from every walk of life. Zenkora is a reflection of our world, made from an infinity of facets, where every nook and cranny has an adventure to tell, and every wrinkle a legend.

The dream of all stories is to be shared, and Zenkora is to be shared in every way. Whether you are a giddy moviegoer, a hardcore gamer, a passionate music-lover, or a hopeless addict of hardcovers in aromatic coffee-shops, Zenkora is there, and invites you to explore.