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Frequently Asked Questions

What is zenkora?

Zenkora is an expansive multimedia project illustrating the adventures and stories of an original fantasy universe.

For audiences:

  • Zenkora is a new form of multimedia entertainment, presenting fantasy stories through a variety of mediums such as live orchestra music, visual art, dance, drama, and all other kinds of media. The stories of Zenkora can also be experienced in more traditional forms, such as films, comics, novels, etc.

For fans of nerd culture:

  • Zenkora is an exciting worldbuilding initiative, a new foray into fantasy, filled with every type of story and character you can imagine and have come to love. The scope of Zenkora fills virtually every genre and niche of storytelling, such as sci-fi, horror, romance, and many more. 

For artists:

  • Zenkora is a powerful new opportunity to explore the possibilities of your work, and the potential unlocked when collaborating with other artists of like or different genres and mediums. Artists can be a part of this massive collective effort to build and compose this enormous and multi-faceted yet cohesive universe.

For investors:

  • Zenkora is a rapidly growing brand, associated with curated quality artistic content, unified yet diverse.

What's coming up?

Upcoming Zenkora projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Leah Dominy's The Feather Saga novel series, a daring adventure of brave pirates and ancient mysteries
  • Tong Wang's The Flower Club webcomic and visual novel series, a tale of youth and optimism in a world of challenges and magic
  • Of The Earth, an ongoing humorous and informative video webseries on the background and history of Zenkora from an in-universe perspective
  • The Last Pioneer, a sci-fi series detailing the hazardous adventures of an interdimensional crew of dysfunctional geniuses.

What is the Zenkora concert series

One of our most prominent projects is the Zenkora Concert Series, an outlet for the huge amount of original art and ideas we have accumulated over the last 10+ years of development. Our next concert is Zenkora: The Seven Eras, to be held in Calgary, AB, Canada, on September 22nd of 2017!

Where do you get your material?

All Zenkora content is original, either created by our central team of artists, or commissioned from other artists around the world. 

What's the story of zenkora?

That's the thing about Zenkora. It's a world of stories, not any specific story in particular. If you like fantasy stories, we have plenty - but we also engage in sci-fi, mystery, horror, and even epic myths and legends. Whether you like magnificent wizards, swashbuckling pirates, ancient gods, diabolical ghosts, brilliant mad scientists, mythical creatures, or dashing super-spies/superheroes,  Zenkora is the world for you.

Explore our expanding collection of stories and projects here!

Will Zenkora have books/tv/movies/videogames, etc.?


All Zenkora stories are built and developed with every medium in mind. However, most projects are also focused on a primary medium, such as novels, videogames, or webcomics. In short, Zenkora plans to embrace every medium available.

How can I get involved?

Zenkora needs your support. Whether you want to contribute to the art, stories, or just donate to us, there are plenty of ways to make your mark with us on this world-changing endeavor. 

You can:

  • Like, follow, share, and subscribe to us on social media!
  • Go here to sponsor or donate to us!
  • Just leave us a message below and let us know how you want to help!

What if nobody reads my message?

Don't worry. We read everything.

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