Storylines & Characters

The timeline of Zenkora Universe contains a virtually limitless variety of settings and genres. From ancient Gods, pirate lords, and magic academies to time travel, secret science organizations, and space odysseys, Zenkora embodies them all, and more

Sky Kim,  by Alyssa Bangalisan

Sky Kim, by Alyssa Bangalisan

The flower club

"She is like many others. A young, energetic, joyful girl. Still a girl, yet sharply sensitive, shrewd. Trapped by her capacity to hope, her nature to care, to be in the old romantic ideals. 

Sky Kim. She is that girl." 

The Blazing Corsair , by  Connie Kim-Sheng

The Blazing Corsair, by Connie Kim-Sheng

The Feather Saga

"A burst of fiery red, a tale, a feath’r,
A bond so deep not even death can sev’r."



Wear your inner demons.

The Pioneer , by  Esther Chu

The Pioneer, by Esther Chu

THE last pioneer

In 4667, the Pioneer Project began as a vast undertaking, combining the efforts of the world's three greatest scientific laboratories to breach the unknown. Ulysses West, the brilliant engineer and physicist, was chosen to spearhead the project as the face of a new revolution in long-distance transportation, with applications sorely needed during a time of interplanetary war. 

At least, that was the dream. Near the end of the Pioneer's development, West inadvertently stumbled onto secrets, dark hidden truths that no one was ever meant to know. With a small haphazardly-gathered group, West fled into realms beyond, pursued by sinister and incomprehensible forces.

The Mi Twins , by  Connie Kim-Sheng

The Mi Twins, by Connie Kim-Sheng

general mi and the pastry chef

"In my palm I hold this world. In my sister’s, all the others."

General Mi, 3rd century Dongmu dynasty

In the exotic lands and lakes of Meimera crept a new legend, a whispered tale of mystical twins.

General Mi, the mighty commander of Meimera's vast armies in an endless war with faceless enemies. 

A modest purveyor of baked goods, the guise of an enigmatic demon hunter of the most lethal variety.

Two sisters, the likes of which were never before, and never to be seen again.

The Map of Anor , by  Wesley Chu

The Map of Anor, by Wesley Chu

Dance of the three empires

We begin on the tumultuous battlefields of the ancient world, where unfolds our historical drama of three warring empires. These titanic civilizations blossomed on an infant earth, a wild land of gods and monsters. It was a time of unimaginable fury where the glory of mankind reached a summit never to be seen again. This is Zenkora’s First Era, the mythical “War of Titans”, when giants both literal and figurative roamed a world lost in time.

Nosbah of Unyielding Light , by  Esther Chu

Nosbah of Unyielding Light, by Esther Chu


In the Third Era, a dastardly plan of dire proportions erupts in the Everworld, a group of seven alternate planes of reality, each of which governs a different facet of the universe.

Travel between the regular world and the planes of the Everworld was once plentiful and rife with thrill and adventure. Now the Everworld looms in ancient obscurity, once again waiting for pioneers and pilgrims from all corners of the universe.

Here enters Walker, who has the appearance and demeanor of a child, but destined with footsteps to terrify gods. He is tasked to bring an end to a devious plot to overwhelm the living world in perfect chaos.

Cassandra Mobius , by  Connie Kim-Sheng

Cassandra Mobius, by Connie Kim-Sheng

delirium aflame

"I knew Cassandra. She was like flame... like a blue flame, something out of this world, and seemed so cold... But she was warmer than you could imagine. I saw her when she burned. I saw her wings. I can still feel the heat, her heat...

Please. Nobody listened. But you must understand.

What happened was not her fault."

Calamity Edge , by  Esther Chu

Calamity Edge, by Esther Chu

Death's Kaleidoscope

A grim tale of desperate survivors on an alien world, where magically-enhanced superbeings called "Colorkeepers" wrest of power in spectacular battles of light and fury.  

Sylna Rivok was a mercenary, a teacher, a protector. Her past, once a warm glow in her heart, had grown as dull as the grey wash of twilight in which the planet Rozran seemed eternally submerged. Now, though, a sharp and lively energy as smooth as her two swords burst with the bite of lighting from within. Now, though, Sylna glowed blue.

Otanihs , by  Wesley Chu

Otanihs, by Wesley Chu

the song of ayaveth

"Of all the alien majesties beheld
Upon a world where once the giants dwelled,
Few match the fury of the frenzied quest
For sovereignty the ancient monsters wrest.
So, at this antique tale all now behold:
The War of Titans, finally, is told."

- The Song of Ayaveth, opening lines

Sophie , by  Tong Wang

Sophie, by Tong Wang

The [blank] Journal

Have you, like me... often thought about relativity?
Have you ever thought about this?
Have you also asked yourself...
Could happiness exist without sadness?
Without pain? Without suffering?
Why is it that, I find sad things...
Are the most beautiful?
Are you like that too?

Mizume no Fuyusaki , by Kevin Hsu

Mizume no Fuyusaki, by Kevin Hsu

the dooms seven

The prophecies were made.

The Doomsmen approach.

The nations rage in vain, as seven deaths await the world.


Now is the time for heroes.

Faradon Family Crest , by Brianna Bietz

Faradon Family Crest, by Brianna Bietz

the tale of Ariel

"Ariel sighed in contentment, relaxing into a lazy circle over a thermal and relishing the freedom of flight for as long as she could. The warm breezes that had kept her aloft all afternoon began to cool as the sun sank towards the mountain peaks. She would have to head back soon. With the moon in the last of her waning phases there would be little light to see by come nightfall..."

The Jade Emperor , by  Wesley Chu

The Jade Emperor, by Wesley Chu

Literature of the xashaormese court

"In the East a kingdom flies
Beyond the gaze of mortal eyes
And greets the sunlight's daily rise"

- Ancient Meimerese imperial texts

The Big Five , by  Esther Chu

The Big Five, by Esther Chu

Project curio

There is no Project. Do not speak of that which does not exist. There used to be something strange on the mountain, under the lake, in the old house down the street. But nobody knows what happened to those things, or where they disappeared to, because there is no Project, no armed men in dark suits, no lab-coated brains with shining eyes, no tendrils of scientific-discovery-turned-mania with the world in a clutch of shadows.

There never was a Project. And if you remain curious, maybe you were never there either.