From The creator...

Don't believe what they say. The world is not changed with one but with many. None have ever been so blessed as I, to have the gift of Zenkora, and the privilege of sharing it with others. Everything is nothing when it is hoarded.

Zenkora is a work of imagination and fantasy, and it is hard work, but many hands make lighter work. May that light shine bright for all of us.

Wesley Chu, creator



And The Executive Producers...

"Thank you for being an artist. 
Thank you for making your work. 
Thank you for choosing this life which can be hard. 
And hard to explain. 
It is incredibly important that you are doing it. 
The culture needs you to do it and do it well. 
(Though the culture doesn't always know that).
In art, as in science, there is an element of faith. You cannot say in advance that this experiment will lead to this result. But we artists know that if we join the thousands of artists asking rigorous questions, the world will change. It always has."

-Andrew Simonet, Making Your Life as an Artist

I am repeatedly grateful for being invited into the world of Zenkora. Like many of us who have been working with Wesley to build this project, I see a real potential in Zenkora. It can, and has already become, a source of inspiration for so many artists. 

Passion is a beautiful working of the mind. Since around grade six, I became engrossed in Japanese anime and manga. I spent hours at a time watching anime series and daydreaming about characters and stories from my own fictional universe (instead of, or even while practicing piano). I love creating romantic and dramatic storylines, and often spend the whole day drawing and writing my own graphic novel stories. Wesley’s universe revived that energy and imagination within me. Just like how Zenkora helped me grow, I believe this initiative for exploring artistic creativity will be enriching to many people’s lives. 

I invite you to join us in this invigorating, constantly evolving journey. To daringly pursue what you love, to share with us your most eccentric ideas.

Because we are extraordinary. 

Again, welcome, and have fun.

Tong Wang
Executive Producer


I remember my very first encounter with Zenkora like it was yesterday: Wesley and I were having dinner in a dark basement restaurant, on a cold rainy night in Boston. He told me tales of this epic saga, a whole universe with its own gods, demons, worlds, cultures, religions, heroes and villains. The universe was this complex mix of science and magic and reality and symbolism. It was so expansive, I almost couldn’t get my head around it. 

I was instantly pulled in.

Over the years, I found that no matter what I was interested in, there was a way for that to be in Zenkora. My endless desire to build stuff found the perfect outlet in this universe, shared at first by a small group of friends, and then by a large group of friends and colleagues. Zenkora became my primary imaginative outlet, with good reason: it is a place to share.

Now as I’ve grown up, I’ve found that Zenkora is not just Wesley’s passion project, but also mine. I’ve found that not only can this fictional universe be an outlet for my imagination, but it is also a vehicle for my generation to change the arts world for the better. At Zenkora, we create projects that excite not only audiences, but also artists. Zenkora inspires people to tell a story, to create, to dream. Other fantasies and franchises ask you to follow along, but Zenkora invites you to create your own path.

We can't wait to see where you go.

Alexander Zhu
Executive Producer

ANd The Associate Producer...

      So, first off I'd like to say welcome!  I don't have any big or grandiose speech talking about how amazing we are and how amazing Zenkora is, so just trust me when I saw that Zenkora is, in fact, pretty awesome. And hey, if you don't believe me then I'll just have to resort to doing what our Executive Director did and pull out a quote to hopefully convince you.  And to pad the length.  Mainly to pad the length.


"To me, Zenkora is an old hope bursting forth into reality.  It is a beautiful dream of a world that never was, but soon will be.  It is a crystallization of the ideas of countless people forming a single entity that is both whole and separate all at once.  It is an inspiration from which all who witness can divine meaning and can create from.  It is a life of it's own that continually asks for more, and I... I am one of the many that have answered that call.  To me, this is Zenkora.

What about you?"

Tucker Williams, Big, Grandiose Speech


Tucker Williams

Associate Producer