Chelsea Cavanagh


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


I have been dancing since the age of 3. I have trained at a various number of studios, including Absolute Dance Inc., Airborne Dance Centre, Free Spirit Dance, and DJD. Due to the fact that I began dancing at such a young age, I have many years of experience in a number of disciplines such as jazz, ballet, contemporary, hiphop, modern and acro. I have also been apart of all my school dance programs throughout junior high and high school, as well as choreographed numbers for school productions.


Aside from dance, some of my hobbies include drawing, singing, reading and listening to music.

Favourite Artists

My favourite artists are Matthew Healey and Keaton Henson.

One fun item on my bucket list

One item I have on my bucket list is being able to ride an elephant. I think that would be such a cool experience!