Connie kim-sheng

Connie Kim-Sheng is a classically trained pianist currently pursuing her doctorate at the University of Southern California. She has always carried a love for drawing and the hobby allowed her to take breaks from the stressful life of a musician. As a self-taught artist she has a relaxed approach to her style and enjoys experimenting with different tools, both traditional and digital. Connie plans to open an online shop of sketches and works, while continuously updating her Instagram art account.


La Crescenta, CA, USA


Growing up, I watched my mother draw beautiful manhwa (Korean comics) style girls and it inspired me to pick up the pencil and imitate her. As I developed my own style, I was then introduced to the world of manga and anime in high school and the inspiration is not lost in my current style.

favorite artists

Tsukiji Nao, James Jean, among others.


Reading, anything crafty, cooking and eating.

One fun item on my bucket list

To see the northern lights.


  • Concept art for General Mi and the Pastry Chef
  • Concept art and illustration for The Feather Saga
  • Illustration for Delirium Aflame
  • Concept art and illustration for The Flower Club