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donating and Sponsorship

who are we?

Zenkora is, at heart, a collaboration between people of all ages and all walks of life. It is a celebration of all the wonderful diversity of our lives and imaginations, but also a celebration of all that ties us together. What this means, is that Zenkora is only made successful through YOUR support. We welcome your assistance as readily as we welcome the joy and imagination of our contributors and our audience.

Support Zenkora and connect with our ever-growing family of artists and visionaries across the world. 

*Please contact us directly if you wish to donate at higher levels!

why help us?

A project on the scope of Zenkora's ambition has never been attempted. Many have come close - witness the meteoric rise of blockbuster franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, etc. But Zenkora is more than just another fantasy story; our projects are crafted to foster collaboration between the arts, and to cultivate the artistic interests of every community we touch, particularly with young people who need encouragement that art is still a viable source of change and positivity. 

When you support us, you are supporting all the people and the arts we bring together. We may be developing a fictional world, but in doing so, we are improving this one - a step at a time.


All collaborators of Zenkora, individuals or organizations, will receive:

  • Regular promotions on our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Display and distribution of their business cards, organizational brochures, and banners at all official Zenkora events
  • Live acknowledgment during openings/closings of official Zenkora performances
  • Complimentary tickets to official Zenkora performances
  • Access to Zenkora's growing and extensive network of artists and resources

In addition, since Zenkora accepts support from a variety of organizations with differing goals, we are more than happy to work with you to devise a unique plan of partnership that maximizes benefit for all parties. 


Donors and sponsors are recognized according to their contributions by the following tier system. The more you offer, the closer we'll be. Join our growing list of supporters!

Enddestaurd,  by Wesley Chu

Enddestaurd, by Wesley Chu

Diamond Tier - "Titan" - $20,000

None surpass the power of the originals, the creators of the brilliant and fantastic world of Zenkora.

Sponsor an entire concert. We will dedicate the whole production in you or your organization’s honour.

This sponsorship amount covers approximately the cost for producing an entire multimedia concert. You will be the sole force for putting over 80 different artists on stage and giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent. Your contributions will pay for the professional artists fees, professional technical fees, and venue rental & production costs.

Bring the entire world of Zenkora to life, and share with the community the value of art and creativity in this new, thrilling live fantasy experience.

If you would like to sponsor a production in a particular part of the U.S. or Canada, please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding details. You can create your own unique chapter in the Zenkora Concert Series. We are thrilled to bring Zenkora to audiences all over the world.

Nosbah of Unyielding Light,  by Esther Chu

Nosbah of Unyielding Light, by Esther Chu

Platinum Tier - "Evergen" - $10,000

The Evergen guard the mystical realms of the Everworld, and are among the highest supernatural authority of Zenkora.

Sponsor the orchestra. We will dedicate the entire orchestra specifically to you or your organization’s name.

At the heart of the Zenkora Concert Series is the music. Without music, there is no dance, no film, no vibrancy and life in the art we share. And there’s nothing quite as powerful and magnificent as the sound of a symphony orchestra. Your contribution will cover the appropriate pay for a full orchestra of over 40 musicians. You will provide the core of the show.

Kalynust,  by Esther Chu

Kalynust, by Esther Chu

Gold Tier - "Ancient" - $5,000

These primordial beings can change the universe around them at a whim; so powerful are they, that many ascended to become gods.

Sponsor the production.

The artists and musicians cannot perform without a stage. This donation covers approximately the production costs of the venue rental, equipment, costumes, and instrument rentals, and various logistical expenses. Behind every great show is a dedicated production team working tirelessly backstage. You can be the force that drives the machine.

Cassandra Mobius,  by Connie Kim-Sheng

Cassandra Mobius, by Connie Kim-Sheng

Silver Tier - "Fae" - $1,500

The otherworldy Fae are beautiful, mysterious, and powerful, and masters of all arts magical and otherwise.

Sponsor a specific project.

This sponsorship amount could cover one out of a variety of subjects such as the commission for a musical composition, ballet choreography, animation project, or theatre act. If you're interested in supporting a particular genre or medium of art, or particular ‘project’ (eg. film, animation, videogame, literature), please write to us about the details!

Calamity Edge,  by Esther Chu

Calamity Edge, by Esther Chu

Bronze Tier - "super" - $500

The superpowered of Zenkora sometimes appear ordinary, but are gifted with extraordinary ability to change their lives and all those around them.

Sponsor a specific artist.

This amount pays approximately the professional artist fee for one artist such as a composer, actor, dancer, soloist, visual artist, programmer, designer, amongst many others. If you're there’s a particular art form or artist you would like to support, please contact us with the details!

Join our growing list of supporters!

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If you would like to support Zenkora, please write us a message regarding the level you're interested in and how we can best recognize your or your organization's contributions!

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