Esther Chu

Both a traditional and digital artist, Esther specializes in character and concept art for genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, and video games. She aims to pursue animation and game designer as a career in the near future. Esther is currently completing her fourth year into a degree of Geophysics at the University of Calgary.


Calgary, AB, Canada


Watching cartoons on Nickelodeon and animated films by Studio Ghibli at a young age, Esther grew a passion and appreciation for visual arts from the very start. Without taking private lessons and learning all she can from art courses provided by public schools she had attended, she gradually developed her own art style through several mediums, ranging from pencil crayon to cardboard structures to cosplays.


Aside from drawing fanart of video games ranging from Pokemon to Spiral Knights, she enjoys watching action films and rogue-adventure video games on Steam.

Interesting trivia

Esther had won first place in multiple small community-hosted contests online, sweeping the competition by storm.

One fun item on my bucket list

Esther wishes to collect all hedgehog-related items and hoard them all in one room for a good time.