Leah dominy

An avid reader since childhood, Leah developed her love for fantasy and science fiction early in life. From the age of 9, when she won her first writing contest, she dreamed of penning a novel. However, apart from creative writing classes in high school, she never formally pursued that dream, deciding instead to become a pianist. Now, within Zenkora, she has been able to unite her two passions through her self-created storyline, The Feather Saga.


Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada


Leah is a mostly self-taught writer, having learned most of her skills from independent research and reading her favourite authors. As a pianist, she completed her Master of Music at the New England Conservatory in 2015, and is currently finishing her Konzertexamen degree at the Hochschule für Musik Detmold in Germany.

The morning after receiving her Master’s degree, Leah proved her merit by dropping her phone in her cereal.

Favourite activities

Laughing, eating copious amount of chocolate, putting off going to the grocery store until tomorrow, and engaging in general activities that most nerds would approve of. (Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup 2003, anyone?)

Interesting trivia

Having rarely lived in a single city for more than 3 years since leaving her hometown, Leah’s heart rarely gets the fuzzy warm feeling that means it’s at home. In fact, there’s only one place that’s ever happened to her, and it was in a place she only visited for two weeks each year. Her favourite place on earth is therefore a farm in rural northern Ontario, where living quarters are tiny, roughly-built, bug-infested cabins, and warm showers are limited to 3 minutes each. What better way to enjoy life than being close to nature and surrounded by creative and artistic people?


  • Author of The Feather Saga