Mackenzie Mcdonald

Dabbling in every creative outlet he can, Mackenzie McDonald is focused most on writing and acting. Mackenzie currently specializes in writing tragedies, horror, and comedies for both the stage and on camera. Future goals include creating his own production company and/or theatre company and trying out every chicken wing flavour on Earth. Mackenzie is entering into his second year of a Fine Arts degree in Drama at the University of Calgary. 


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Learning more about acting and play-writing at the University of Calgary, Mackenzie is also the Artistic Executive of the Playwright's Society at the University of Calgary. His connections with the club and the talents of the many other students in the Drama program constantly push him to learn more about the intricacies of theatre. Mackenzie also writes, produces, and directs short films alongside a good friend. 

Favourite artist

Donald Glover is Mackenzie's favourite artist ever since he was introduced to the 30 Rock writer as an actor in Community. His rap album, Because the Internet, as Childish Gambino is an incredible mix of aesthetic sound mixing and powerful, true to the heart lyrics. 


Mackenzie occasionally dabbles in home brewing spirits and wine, and loves watching old cartoons like Samurai Jack or the original Teen Titans. Mackenzie also thinks that Teen Titans Go is a shameful revival of an otherwise classic show. Seriously you guys, you had the chance to bring the Titans back and this is what you did. Come on. 

Trivial trivia

Mackenzie once attempted to run for an executive position at at club at the University of Calgary by watching the movie Office Space every night for two weeks and would stream it online for all his friends to see. Needless to say that campaign strategy was a horrible idea, and as a result Mackenzie can't look at Office Space the same way ever again. 

bucket list #69

Get a big enough outdoor pool to put as much bubble bath into as possible and perform the sickest back flip into said pool. 


  • Playwright of The Last Pioneer: Betrayal