Melanie Liu

Melanie is going into her fourth year of her Bachelor of Commerce with Co-operative Education program at the University of Alberta, where she is majoring in Strategic Management and Organization and minoring in Finance. After immigrating to Canada from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, she has resided in Edmonton, AB for the majority of her adolescence and young adulthood. An admirer of fellow creatives, she is honored to be a part of the Zenkora experience.


Melanie is currently working as a Business Analyst Student within the Assessment and Taxation branch at the City of Edmonton. After her work term ending December 2017, she will return to school to complete her last year of her undergraduate degree. In terms of art, she has been taking classes since she was eight years old, progressing from still-life to watercolor and oil painting.

Favourite books

I do not have a favorite book but I do have a favorite manga series called MeruPuri by Matsuri Hino.


Painting, drawing, anything related to art. I love to travel and discover new places, sights, scenes, and experiences. I’m also quite fond of quaint and aesthetically-pleasing cafés, binge-watching TV shows, and going out with friends and catching up over good food.

Interesting trivia

  • I am half-Mongolian and half-Chinese.
  • I once bicycled 136 km in one day when I was volunteering in Taiwan during the summer.
  • My favorite place is Japan. I grew up watching anime such as Inuyasha, Card Captor Sakura and reading manga. I have been to Japan twice in the past year and I’m planning for my next trip back.


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