m'kayla kongnetiman

M’Kayla Kongnetiman, born on June 14, 2002, is a 15 year dancer, singer and actress from Calgary, Canada. From the time M’Kayla could walk, her focus was on dancing. She could never just walk and danced around the house constantly. At age 3, M’Kayla started dancing and at age 9 she competed in her first Nationals in NYC and knew this is what she wanted. Between 2012–2016, M’Kayla was consistently placed as number 1 in tap competitions in Alberta as well as in the USA. In 2015, M’Kayla won Junior Miss Candance. In 2017 she was placed in the top 5 at the Radix Competition in Vancouver, WA and was placed first in hip hop and tap at the View, Terpsichore and Rhythm competition in Calgary. She holds an Advanced Foundation certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Dance. She is currently in grade ten, and when not dancing she is involved in charity work with her family. 


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


10 years training in tap, musical theatre, ballet, & jazz; 5 years training in hip hop and contemporary  

Favourite Artist



Singing, acting and photography  

One fun item on my bucket list

Perform on Broadway


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