Shirley Wong

Shirley Wong is the founder and leader of Harmony Guzheng Ensemble. As a full time instructor of Guzheng (Chinese zither), Shirley provides both private and small group Guzheng lessons to students of all age groups.


Shirley was a student under the Guzheng master Xu Nengqiang for many years. With the recognition of her talents and potentials, Master Xu recruited Shirley to become a teacher in the Hong Kong Guzheng Performers Association in 2005.


When Shirley moved to Calgary, she independently started performing and teaching. She further developed her career and founded the Harmony Guzheng Ensemble. To date, she had successfully led Harmony Guzheng Ensemble into three full house Guzheng concerts in 2012, 2014 at Rozsa Centre and 2016 at Bella’s Concert Hall. Her young students have received many awards in various music competitions and achieved excellent grades in the instrumental examinations conducted by the Central Conservatory of Music of China. Her impact was not only limited to the younger generation, her adult students have enjoyed her mentorships and friendship while enriching their lives with the beautiful guzheng music. 


When Shirley is not teaching, she loves to share her music with others by volunteering in community and cultural events, visiting and providing entertainment in senior homes, and even bringing the Harmony Guzheng family into the great outdoors of the Rocky Mountains.


In her time outside of teaching and sharing Guzheng, you will find Shirley in her garden tending various vegetables and flowers.


  • Performer for world premiere of General Mi and the Pastry Chef