Science & Magic


All phenomena of Zenkora can be classified into the Three Domains system. These domains are known to some as Science, Craft, and Impulse, which are theorized as the combination of two out of three constituents of existence.


Science is the combination of the body and the mind, where the body symbolizes the physical energy and matter of the universe, and the mind represents the laws and logic with which that energy and matter interact. Science in Zenkora is not limited to the "hard" or strictly real-world, but includes a vast variety of other, more colorful forms, such as steampunk, cyberpunk, magitek, and exotic alien technologies.


Craft, called "sorcery", "witchcraft", and many other names, is magic via meaning. The energy harnessed from the soul is manipulated by the meanings and symbolisms conjured by the mind. Once this process is refined, everything from spells and rituals to potions and artifacts of power can be created and used.


Impulse refers to the grand category of all who can reshape reality with the pure power of will. The energy of the soul, combined with the body of the user, exerts spontaneous changes upon the environment in countless ways; these are people with "powers" and "abilities", considered "super" to many, and terrible to others. 

Many in Zenkora have explored vast distances into these "domains". Scientists, through rigorous study, ceaseless experimentation, and unquenchable curiosity, have probed the inner recesses of atoms and sent humanity into space and beyond. The art of sorcery has produced works of unparalleled beauty, a true expression of the yearning and wonder of the human spirit. Deeds of great valor are signature for those endowed with superpowers, whose constant struggle against injustice and malice have shaken the world since time immemorial.

Cross-pollination among the domains is also possible, and fertile with potential. Exotic technologies such as magitek and other altersciences rely on an arduously-maintained and often fragile interlocking of scientific and magical principles, though the results are sometimes fantastic beyond belief. Meanwhile, those of significant practice of many faiths and disciplines across the world are typically well-studied of both the arts of sorcery and the channeling of inner power, both an endless journey towards beauty, health, and the celebration and defense of life.