Tong Wang

Tong is a classically-trained Canadian pianist with aspirations to perform and teach in a variety of styles and settings, actively engage in the arts community, and lead new and creative initiatives. She has performed with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Red Deer Symphony Orchestra, and is the recipient of various grants and awards including the Alberta Arts Foundation Grant, the New England Conservatory George Chadwick Medal, and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award of Performing Arts. Tong has most recently been performing as a resident artist for Lincoln Center Stage’s piano quintet, traveling around the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Bachelor of Music, New England Conservatory

favourite activities

Food! Yes, food as an activity. Every kind of eating, cooking, baking, trying new cuisines as I travel, hosting dinner parties, bringing delicious happiness to people I love. Sharing is caring!

Interesting trivia

Instead of studying music at a conservatory, I almost went to college for varsity! During senior year of high school, I was recruited by a college to play the libero position on their volleyball team - a thrilling offer, but one I rather unwillingly gave up to pursue my artistic career. Funny where our choices take us. I still love to fuel my inner sports junkie though - finding community tournaments and leagues to join wherever I go!

bucket list

So many things! Publish my own manga series, write a book of poetry, backpacking around Scotland and Ireland, live in Japan for a year, hike the Appalachian Trail, ride a hot air balloon, learn surfing, be able to improv jazz … shall I go on?