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Los Angeles | Spring 2019

In the 37th-century, Laraenian pilgrims landed on the western coast of Evyia, ready for a new life. A life of peace and prosperity. A life where wars of religious persecution, furious territorialism, and corruption at the highest level could be little more than a dark memory.

That was a thousand years ago.

Welcome to modern-day First Landing, a city overflowing with the pleasures you desire. Indulge your wants and needs to the fullest, for there is plenty to go around. All that is required is ambition. Take what what you want, if you can, from those who cannot. Then, when you are sated, visit Cathedral Hill for absolution of your sins, and be cleansed. This is your town.

This is Virtuetown.

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Virtuetown is a series of short stories and episodes chronicling the lives of First Landing residents. A millenium-old city, First Landing was built by pioneers fleeing from the Second Era Elysian Wars of Laraenia, seeking a newer and more hopeful home. Within centuries it grew from a humble village to a bustling port city, culminating in the construction of the magnificent Cathedral of St. Arventura and Sadler University, institutions of world renown.

In the centuries to follow, immigrants poured into the city like fresh blood, cementing it as a metropolis of global fame, a star in the nation of Ectagha. Life was good, and virtuous.

The dawn of the Fourth Era brought forth the invention of the steam engine, and the evening of First Landing began. Factories gradually mutated into haze-belching monstrosities that oozed hungrily into their surroundings at a glacial pace. The duststorms began, and First Landing was blanketed with smoky skies and burning rains. The Great War came, and the wartime effort ate away at the city's health and goodwill. Citizens began to turn on one another as the doom of their time crept ever-closer.The days turned a sickly brown, but the nights were gray, something neither light nor dark. In vain the neon lights shone, a screeching brightness stabbing at the heart of the void.

In the chaos, a family grew and seized control. The Corazon dynasty took hold of the city and became its ruler from below, and the Ectaghan government paid no heed, again having fled for brighter shores 50 years prior. The city has now become a haven for only the wealthy and the wretched, where no vice is left untasted.