yukichi hattori

Yukichi started dancing in Tokyo, Japan. At a young age of 13, he moved to Hamburg, Germany to attend the Hamburg Ballet School. He joined the Hamburg Ballet in 1999, where he was praised as the "audience's favourite dancer". He was promoted to soloist in 2004. He then moved to the Alberta Ballet in 2006, where he danced until 2016. He not only danced throughout his career, he choreographs all over the world as well. He has made pieces in Japan, Germany and here in Calgary. He now opened Hattori/Williamson school of Dance here in Calgary along with his partners, Galien Johnston Hattori and Tara Williamson.


Tokyo, Japan


Shuntoku Takagi Ballet school, Hamburg Ballet School

Favourite Book

Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

favourite movie

Mad Max: Fury Road

favourite artist

Fred Astaire


Eating out.

Favourite activities

Spending time with my wife and kids.

interesting trivia

I have supernatural facial recognition skill.

One fun item on my bucket list

Own a self-sustainable house.


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