Alexander Zhu

Alexander serves as the Executive Producer and General Manager of Zenkora. He has taken numerous projects from 0 to production, including Shatternight 2019. He is striving to revolutionize the artistic creation and consumption process, so that everyone can find their own way to engage with the arts.

Alexander has been drawing maps, creating civilizations, and dreaming about starships and strange worlds since he was a child. He is an avid traveler and an amateur chef, and is active pianist, conductor and composer. He is proud to have been involved in Zenkora for nearly a decade.


St. Paul, Minnesota, USA


Alexander holds a Doctorate in Arts Leadership and Music from the University of Southern California. Prior to his graduate studies, he trained in Boston at New England Conservatory, graduating summa cum laude in piano performance, and at the Aspen Music Festival, where he was awarded a collaborative piano fellowship. Dr. Zhu has performed music in every style across the globe. Based in Los Angeles, California, he currently serves on the faculties of Pierce College and the Pasadena Conservatory of Music.

Alexander is a self-taught mapmaker and fictional historian, studying real world atlases, fantasy and fictional maps for many years, and working closely with Wesley to develop a fantastic and exciting background for the stories of Zenkora.

Favorite Movie

Solo, a Star Wars Story

Fun Fact

Alexander is owned by a three-legged cat named Sushi.


Travel, strategy games, cooking and eating



Photo credit: Matthew Purpura

Photo credit: Matthew Purpura