Zenkora is live!

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Welcome to the world of Zenkora!

We are so pleased to be announcing the official launching of our website, and to invite you to join this wondrous journey of creativity, exploration, and innovation as our story unfolds. 

Zenkora is multimedia project and entrepreneurial initiative that uses an ongoing, original fantasy multiverse to serve as a platform for artists of all mediums to express their creative voices.

Wesley Chu | Creator and CEO
Tong Wang | Artistic Director
Tucker Williams | Executive Producer and Manager

Read more about the wealth of storylines and facets Zenkora has to offer! 

Reflecting Back...

On May 16, 2016, we launched the first public presentation of our project. Many of you lent us your enthusiasm, artistry, and support. “Zenkora: A Brief History”, was a multi-media concert which showcased original orchestra music, dance, animation, drama, art, and poetry inspired by this fictional universe. The initiative of combining various art forms with the genres of fantasy and science-fiction sparked a uproar of curiosity from our audience.

The concert was a deeply touching and memorable evening for us, a success that marks the first step towards realizing our dream.

Looking forward...

For our next project, we are planning to expand into launching a two-day convention event this summer in Calgary, Canada, which features not only multi-media concert(s) but also various creative panels and workshops. We're in the initial stages of working towards this vision. 

Meanwhile, our artists are constantly building on the world of Zenkora, expanding storylines, and creating new works of art and music. Stay tuned! 

Thank you again for your time and support, this initiative would not be possible without such a passionate and dedicated audience. Please help us share our story with your friends and family. We sincerely hope you continue to follow us on this journey! 

Team Zenkora