Did You Know? - The Dreamscape

2017-09-09 - The-Dreamscape.png

The Dreamscape is an alternate plane, one of many that lie parallel to the "normal" world of Zenkora. As with its sibling realms, the Dreamscape governs one of several facets of existence; in this case, imagination.

The physical make of the Dreamscape is unique among all Zenkora "universes", being comprised almost entirely of a mysterious substance called "dreamstuff". Remnants of the primordial universe, dreamstuff is extremely volatile and reacts to pure thought, and can transform itself into virtually anything. Residents of the Dreamscape are able to use this substance to live a life of extravagant abundance. This is practical within the Dreamscape only, as dreamstuff decays rapidly once it leaves the realm.

All souls of Zenkora, regardless of their location, are at least partially immersed in the Dreamscape at all times. This trans-dimensional connection enhances the ability of the individual to imagine and think. When a being conjures in their mind the image of a tree, their soul manipulates the Dreamscape around them until a tree appears, which the soul then perceives. When asleep, souls are drawn further into the Dreamscape, allowing for even more vivid possibilities.

The Fae are native residents of the Dreamscape, and are described as "physical manifestations" of various concepts. They are typically as powerful and unpredictable as the Dreamscape itself, and once enjoyed a capricious relationship with humans in ancient times. Though their influence and presence faded from humanity in subsequent millennia, their remnants and traces remain hidden for all sharp-eyed and open-hearted to find.