The Last Pioneer | Episode 1 "Snake in the Grass"

The 2017 concert, "Zenkora: The Seven Eras", will feature a thrilling drama written by Mackenzie McDonald, directed by Anna Bishop, and designed by Skylar Desjardins

Launch day is here. The intrepid crew of the Pioneer is finally ready for the start of their inter-dimensional travels across the multi-universe. With this technology, they might finally have the upper hand against CURIO, the malevolent, scientific organization that has been hellbent on the Pioneer and her crew’s destruction for so long. As the Multi-Dimensional Drive begins to activate, the crew readies for their first jump, but not before a treacherous plot begins to rear its ugly head. Deceived by one of her own, the Pioneer loses power and the Drive begins to shut down. To make matters worse, a broadcast signal of unknown origin begins to originate from somewhere on the ship. The crew now must find this signal and destroy it before CURIO can pinpoint their location and take the Drive, all the while watching their backs for the traitor that walks amongst them. Join our heroes as they fight not just for their survival, but for the trust of their friends as deadly suspicions grow rampant. Remember, looks aren’t always as they seem.
— Mackenzie McDonald, writer

Characters and Cast

Ulysses West
“The Engineer, who ran away for discovery”
played by Spencer Streichert

Sherman Luck
“The Pilot, who ran away for love”
played by Rylan Strachan

Raias Rivok
“The Marshal, who ran away for adventure”
played by Aaron Walsh

Ren Aoki
“The Tactician, who ran away for closure”
played by Taylor Guidotti

Robertson Melrose
“The Medic, who ran away for achievement”
played by Barry Owen

Giovanni Wong
“The Navigator, who ran away for ambition”
played by Mitchell Kirby

Pan the Android
“The Steward, who ran away for vengeance”
played by Laurel Audrey