The Show will Go On

Dearest friends, 


As many of you know, the past month, our talented Zenkora team has been working tirelessly on campaigning for our Kickstarter fundraiser. We are so deeply grateful for those of you who have lent us your passion, time, and support. 


Although at this time, we need to embrace the outcome of being unable to reach our funding goal, I want to hereby emphasize - this result will in no way stop us from moving forward and working even harder to realize the dreams of our team of over 80 passionate artists. If anything, this challenge has put even more fire in our hearts. 


I do want to acknowledge that this experience has been at numerous times trying, exhausting, and discouraging. But that is the case before accomplishing any great task. 


The spirits of the Zenkora team is tested but will not falter. 
We will overcome our obstacles. 


The show will go on.


This entire process of building and promoting the Kickstarter has been invaluable to our development as an organization. We have strengthened our marketing team, become more aware of our shortcomings and weaknesses, and intensified our online presence and interactions with press as well as local arts organizations. 


Currently, we are in the process of securing funding from alternative sources - including pending government grant applications, communications with private donors, and efforts to secure sponsorships from business organizations. 


It’s thrilling to see all the various projects of our incredible artists beginning to come together.
This is what keeps us going - the vision of that magnificent production coming alive on stage. 


We cannot thank you enough for your support, 
Please keep following our journey! 




From Tong and Wesley