Did You Know? - Giyaten the Mad Goddess

Giyaten (Esther Chu).jpg

The ancient Tabar worshiped a pantheon of seven gods. Giyaten was the divine expert on the balance between sanity and insanity, and often manifested as an eerily tall masked woman or a grotesque giant scarab.

But among her dark siblings, Giyaten was also one of the kindest in her lucid moments. Humor was also her area of providence, and would often travel incognito from place to place, interacting with humans as a humble trickster and riddle-maker.

Wherever she went and however she appeared, she would always be found with a mirror or near some reflective surface, giving rise to the local myths of the "Mirrormare", who might show you your fortune, but just as easily drive you mad.

In the First Era of Zenkora, Giyaten's worshipers used her divine gifts to create a unique undead creature called the "stilker". This bizarre monster has the ability to absorb the qualities of its surroundings - in swampland it becomes muddy, in forests it becomes like a tree, and deserts a devilish mass of sand and dust. But it is in cities where the stilker can become truly frightening, for it can then masquerade in the plain sight. That mannequin over there? It's not really looking at you... is it?