Death's Kaleidoscope - Inya's Logs

This is Inyalisme, putting together the after action report for the colony drop incident over Rozran and the events that took place afterwards on the non-terraformed planet’s surface.  I’m recording this log to help me gather my thoughts, and to relieve the excruciating boredom that comes with the job. Currently, I’m in the process of gathering what information I can on any and all notable individuals involved and, due to pressure from various media and government agencies, the first person I’ll be looking into is the pop idol singer Rose Megurine, a.k.a. Dazzle-chan, who was visiting the colony during her Love Can Save the World Tour when the accident occured.  According to what I’ve seen on recovered security footage, she survived the crash largely in part thanks to her crew, though their heroic efforts ended up leaving her stranded and alone on the surface of Rozran.

Most likely the only reason she made it out of the whole ordeal alive was due to acquiring a shard of the Light Evergen Crystal that had been destroyed in the impact, thus becoming what the survivors call a Colorkeeper.  From what I can tell, these Colorkeepers gain immense power from their shards, usually receiving either some new ability or an “upgrade” to their existing skills, plus enhancements to their physical abilities that enable them to survive in, shall we say, hazardous conditions.  Alongside these enhancements, they also obtain a color that becomes a part of their body and that takes over anything they wear.   In Ms. Megurine’s case, her color is Rose, surprise surprise, and the special skill she acquired is the ability to control and create something akin to lasers.  

I should note that, prior to this, she had shown no signs of magical aptitude capable of meeting minimal combat mage requirements. Now, however, she could rank among the elite in terms of pure power.  She seems to lack some measure of control, though, as there are multiple accounts from survivors stating that she was known to wander the wasteland alone, scared for her life, accidentally firing off laser blasts at anything and everything.  Thankfully, though, she befriended my son Raias, who had gotten himself mixed up in the incident after the fact, and he taught her how to control her abilities. Well, he at least taught her how to not accidentally shoot people, which is a step in the right direction.  She seems to have grown somewhat fond of him as well, so I’ll have to keep an eye out on that…. Well, back to work. This is Inya, signing off.