Did You Know? - Labyrinth

Sorcerers of Zenkora have a special way to interact with a person's mind. With the right training, a magic-user can enter the "labyrinth" of a host mind. 

Labyrinths are mental recreations of a person's subconscious in setting form. Although constantly changing, they always reflect their owner's mindset and psychological tendencies. For example, a cheerful person's labyrinth will typically be bright and filled with joyful things, whereas a gloomier person's labyrinth will be darker and perhaps spookier as well.

When a guest enters a labyrinth, they can then interact with the host's mind by interacting with the labyrinth itself. There may be books or newspapers found within that elaborate on the host's thoughts. Secrets may be kept in dusty safes or hidden vaults. One may even find what that host truly desires in their heart. Suffice it to say, entering a labyrinth requires trust, for one never knows what secrets may lurk within.

Of course, the sorcerer must also beware, for labyrinths can be dangerous. Especially if the host's mind is troubled, their labyrinths may shift and transform unpredictably. Anger and fear may manifest in all kinds of threats, ranging from traps to monsters, eager to enact the pain and suffering that their host is feeling - or worse - intending.

So explore - at your peril! But while labyrinths may be frightening, they can also be beautiful, and while you visit the mind of another, you may even discover treasures within yourself.