Did you know?

Hi all! As we try to breathe some life into this website, Wesley and I have decided to start a few regular series of posts in the blog section: Did you know?, which shares interesting background information in the Zenkora Universe, Story Tidbits, which shares excerpts from in-development storylines such as the Feather Saga and Virtuetownand Character Profiles, which introduces fascinating in-universe characters who you may not have heard of (yet!). So, without further ado, here is the very first entry in Did you know?

Did you know that there are 4 great organized crime families in Zenkora? They are as follows:

The Corazon family

Headquartered in the decaying city of First Landing, Ectagha, the Corazon's are soul-traffickers, specialists in removing people's souls and selling them to nefarious magic users. The bulk of the Corazon fortune comes from the illegal extraction, commodification, and trading of living souls as well as the extremely potent and valuable energy that can be harnessed and drawn from them.

The Yesfirova family

Based in the busy port city of Tsallie, Kresnov, the Yesfirova aristocracy maintains steady international influence through the production of all manner of medical and narcotic substances, both legal and illegal. Their location on the eastern coast of Nielia allows them to easily access not only the production side of the illegal drug industry, but also allows them to easily ship their product all over the world.

The Chihara (血原) family

The Chihara Family has been operating out of the ancient Hinnon capital, Pokhanaii, for almost three thousand years. They are one of the few surviving ninja bloodlines that continuously produce and train world-class assassins.

The Montressor family

Based in Tongerta, Fafmaamba, the financial hub of the developing world, the Montressors are descendants of a combination of freed Oromantan slaves and criminals of the 3rd Era, now specializing in money laundering and insurance fraud. They frequently have members working as double agents in the various international banks in the city.

You can learn more about these fascinating families at our upcoming immersive theatre production, SHATTERNIGHT, a part of the new Virtuetown storyline, coming Spring 2019 in Los Angeles. Stay tuned!